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Seybrite  Trophy Care Information...

    The effectiveness of Seybrite Trophy Cleaner is dependent upon applying a fine mist. The powerful cleaning agents in Seybrite Trophy Cleaner make this mist very effective in removing dirt, stain and odor. This product has no unpleasant odor and is safe to use for Taxidermy mounts and for the person using it.
    For average soil conditions a single application is usually sufficient. Badly soiled mounts however, should be cleaned in stages. Allow mounts to dry thoroughly between cleaning applications. Evaluate before continuing cleaning stages. Do not attempt to remove very thick soil by soaking or drenching mounts. There is no need to do this and saturating mounts may cause scalps to split.

    Examples: Deer family, Antelope (all species), Wild sheep etc. These types of mounts are fairly durable and can take some handling. However care must be taken not to damage them in handling. Following the basic steps, wipe or vacuum surface dust, Mist entire mount with cleaner, Wait, Wipe with damp towel, Brush. Evaluate mount when it is dry. If additional cleaning is required repeat cleaning steps. Warning! Aggressive scrubbing of antlers will remove the dark color at their bases. When mount is cleaned and dry apply Sheen and Shield protector to entire mount.

    Examples: Bears, Cats, Wolves, and all fur bearers. These mounts are also durable but use care in handling them to prevent damage. Simply follow the directions provided by Seybrite. Open mouth mounts are easily cleaned by simply misting cleaning solution into the mouth, mist, Do not soak. Allow the cleaning solution to dissolve soil (about ten minutes). Then rinse with clean water using the mist bottle furnished. Suggestions, place towel or bucket under mouth to catch fluid. When dry, mist entire mount, including inside of mouth with Sheen and Shield protector.

    Example: Waterfowl, upland birds, and all feathered mounts. These mounts are very delicate. They require very careful handling. Do not vacuum surface dirt. Use a feather duster or a very soft rag for this. Mist entire mount with cleaning solution. Allow cleaner to dissolve soil (about ten minutes). Using a soft damp rag, carefully wipe with the direction of the feathers. Allow to dry evaluate. When clean, mist with Sheen and Shield protector.

    Examples: All salt and freshwater fish mounts as well as snake, alligator etc. Fish mounts can be restored without the need to repaint using Seybrite products. These types of mounts are delicate and require careful handling. Use feather duster or soft rag to remove surface dust. Mist entire mount with cleaning solution. Allow cleaning solution to dissolve soil (about ten minutes). With care, wipe mount with damp soft rag in the direction of scales if present. Be careful not to snag on fins or other parts of mount. Suggestion; spray cleaning solution into open mouth and open gills. Let cleaner dissolve soil then rinse out with clean water. This removes dirt and soil from the gills. Spray mount with Sheen and Shield protector.

    Many insects damage mounts and fabric by chewing or shredding the materials rather than by actual feeding and are, therefore, not considered true fabric pests. Fabric pests have been identified as the insects that do the most damage to mounted trophies. True fabric pests feed upon hair, wool,horn and other keratinous substances. Keratin is composed of any of several sulfur containing fibrous proteins that form the chemical basis of epidermal tissue such as hoof, hair, feather, horn, fur and wool. True fabric insect pests are the only insects known to feed on this otherwise indigestible substance. Only the larval stages of fabric pests feed on keatin. The adults feed upon other substances.
    Fabric pest insects need vitamins, minerals and amino acids in addition keratin. These substances are invariably present in the atmosphere of all home environments. Airborne micro-organisms contain traces of these essential nutrients that are deposited onto the surface of the mount providing a complete diet for fabric pest insects. The structure of hair, fur and feathers make these types of mounts virtual filters that collect these airborne substances. Over a period of time these contaminants penetrate deep into the mount creating an attractive environment for fabric pests. Currently no specific insecticide has been developed for the direct application to taxidermic animal mounts. Sanitation and inspection are presently the best defense against insect damage. Seybrite trophy cleaner deep cleans and removes these contaminants.
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